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Learn how can you download free Android apps with

By : Himadri biswas
Google Play Store is the best, large website to download Apps for Android. You can download all most everything free here but some popular and favorite Apps are not for free. To use them you have to buy them. To download any Apps you have to use Android device. But there is another way to download Apps with your Brower.

1.       At first go to Google Play Store and select your app that you want to download.
2.       Now copy the URL from the address bar.
3.       If you already copy the URL address then go here.
4.       Paste the address that you copy from Play Store.
download android apps

5.       Look bellow there is a Generate Download Link Button just click on it.
6.       A new download link will appear bellow the button click on it to download your file.

Earn Money by publishing Ads on your blogs

By : Himadri biswas
Do you have a success blog? If yes then there are so many online earning ways. Advertising is one of them. There are many Ad company want to advertise though your blog. AmaderAd is a Bangladeshi Add company. Within few days it becomes a popular company. Its payment is also good. You can select your payment way. To register or get some more information visit AmaderAd site.
Earn Money: Publish Ads on your blog. When someone clicks on adds you will get money on your account.

Earn Visitor: If you want to get more visitors for your visitor then give add though AmaderAd. It will help your to gain visitors.
earn by ads

Tooltip social sharing button for your blogsopt blog

By : Himadri biswas
tooltip sharing button
Sharing button has an important role to be successes in blogging world. (technorati claim code is "SMRZ8VKTER3F") Visitor like new item. If you want to increase visitor at your blog social networking site can help you to increase page view and visitor. I posted so many sharing buttons tutorials in my blog post. You can see all of them here. But tooltip social sharing button is fully different from the other. Its icon is so light and unique. For tooltip effect when you put your mouse cursor point on the icon it will show full name of the social site’s name with color plate. I include major sharing site in this widget. I hope you and your  visitor also like this widget.
The installing process of the widget is so easy .
1st Step: Login your blogspot blog and go to dashboard.
2nd Step: Go to Templates and the HTML code.
3rd Step: Find “post-footer-line” you can use CTRL+F keys to find.
4th Step: Copy and Paste the bellow code just below this code “post-footer-line

5th Step: Just one step is remaining, hit on the save button and save the template to use this sharing button.

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