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Some Professional logo design software for you

By : Himadri biswas
logo design software computer tips world bd
Logo design can be a good professional for a new freelancer. You can design a logo with logo design software or you can use Photoshop software. If you decide to create a logo with Photoshop then abode Photoshop is the best otherwise, you have to use a premium logo designing software. If you search in google you will get many logo designing software. You can choose any one of them.

AAA Logo design software: 

This software is most used logo design software now.  It is a premium software. If you want to use this software. At first, you have to download a trial version from the official site. After that Buy the full version aaa logo creating software. The price of the logo design software is 49.95$.

Why do you choose aaa logo design software?

Answer: You can create a unique logo and banner in a minute. In this program, you will get 10000 logo icons and 500 premium logo temples with high printing regulation.

Logo design studio pro: 

I set logo design studio pro in the second position but it is not an ordinary program. You will get all  facility you that you need to create a professional logo. If you don't have any degrees in logo design, no problem get this software then you will be able to make any kind of logo in a few minute. The price of logo design studio pro is 39.99$.

Feature of Logo design studio pro:
1. 2000+ logo temples
2. 6000+ full vector graphic
3. You can save files in many formats
4. 500+ ready slogans and taglines
5. Easy to use this program.

Create Logo in online: 

If you want more facility in logo  designing you can join an online based logo design program. There are many websites about online logo design. Choose one of them as your demand. But you have to pay money for membership. Share your ideas to get help from other members. It will help you create and chose the right logo.
A logo is an identity of a website or a company. If you have a website or blog then you also need a logo or you can create logos for money. So logo design software is a most important application.

Bengali ghost story books PDF free download

By : Himadri biswas
Bengali ghost story books PDF free download
Today I am going to give you some true Bengali ghost story in pdf. Most of the modern people don't believe in ghost but everybody like to be afraid. Maybe they love to be anxious or they try to find out the reality of the ghost story. In the past post, I said that nobody doesn't know the secret of  the soul. Soul or Spirit is a powerful energy. No one can understand spirit easily. There are so many conventional ghost stories around us. Everybody interest to know about the ghost story. Some of them are the real ghost story and some are just a concept. I collect some good true ghost story for you. I hope you will like them.
I do not tell you to believe in stories but don't contempt them. I don't know much but one of my relative die by trying to do something stupid. I always control myself to being afraid. Because I heard that bad spirit poses afraid person. I don't know enough about spirit power and their work. So don't count on me. If you have a question about this story then I am sorry because I don't know much to answer your question.


Desktop fun tools make our desktop screen active

By : Himadri biswas
Desktop fun tools make our desktop screen active and attractive. After doing work for a long time you will be tired then you need to fresh. To pass the boring time you can use a funny desktop tool. Download some excellent funny desktop tools and make your time beautiful.

Earthworm Jim Deskmate desktop fun tool:

download desktop fun tool


This program will make your computer desktop very attractive to you. It is a fun software for PC. You can say a living character entertaining you. Its graphic is also good and you have the option to customize animated character. It is my belief that you will be happy. ‍So download a desktop fun tool and enjoy yourself and share this program with other to make them happy too. 

Funny Pet cat on Personal Computer:

download desktop fun tool
It is just about a well-known pet animal. After seeing the photo you realize that it is a beautiful pet can for your fun. MyFelix is a free software for your PC fun. Pet cat is a very favourite animal to us. Download desktop fun tools and enjoy your precious time.

Alive Penguin:

download desktop fun tool
Living penguin walking on your desktop. Penguin looks so cute on home PC computer. When penguin acting like real you will feel a living existence looking to you from your PC. So don't miss it. Download desktop fun tool for your fun.

Virtual character:

download desktop fun tool
It is a helping software for the desktop. The name of the software is My assist. It is a virtual character who will assist or help you to remind some special date and occasion. Like birthday, marriage anniversary, meeting date etc. I think that's really cool. Think some character will appear in your monitor and he/she will say the day speciality. Download this desktop fun tool it will be your good assistant and spend a beautiful time. 

Fly on Desktop:

download desktop fun tool
Everybody don't like the fly. But do you know it can give you joy? Imagine some fly annoying your computer and you have a little friend under five years old. Just leave those flies on him. It will make his playing time funny. So don't miss this funny software. 

17 virtual pets to use on your PC:

download desktop fun tool
Just awesome, wow it is fantastic. All over my computer monitor, 17 pets will play their role. It made me grace. I never saw anythings like that.Its just like a desktop game you have to give food to grow them up.

Desktop Living personality:

download desktop fun tool

It is a living cartoon interface for the desktop computer who live on your desktop. After running this program he will be active for doing his activities. Is has so many characters so you can change it anytime. The funny character will amuse you and your partner by its activities.

The desktop fun tool is a small program for computer and laptop. Now choose your desktop fun tool and instal in your PC for having fun or you can use all of them for having more fun on the desktop. Next time I will come with some more desktop fun tool for you.

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